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About The Vine Photography

We are Angie and Scott Furr, creators and owners of The Vine Photography Venue. Our venue is a place that provides photographers with a beautiful and peaceful space to capture memories and create photographic art. We provide a gorgeous landscape with custom-built backdrops and props that will inspire you and thrill your clients! We also have an adorable studio that can serve as a backdrop for indoor shoots and boudoir sessions. It all started several years ago with a desire to make a change. Both Scott and I had grown up in small rural towns, and we felt the yearning to provide our family with a

similar setting. We weren’t sure what this would look like, but we opened our minds to the possibilities and started exploring options. Not long after our search began, the opportunity of a lifetime landed in our laps. We were provided with a chance to buy a piece of property that had once been a golf course. The golf course had been closed for nearly a decade, but the property was undeniably beautiful, and the old clubhouse had a lot of potential underneath the rough exterior. Before we knew it, we had sold our house and purchased the land. Did I also mention that we bought a camper that would become the new “home” for our family of four for the next seven months while we renovated the old clubhouse into our new home? Yeah… I’m not sure what we were thinking either! Scott and I are both teachers, and we spent that summer working with contractors and builders while at the same time doing as much of the work ourselves as we could. As we were making design choices, we couldn’t help but be inspired by the beautiful scenery that surrounded our new life. It was a crazy time for sure! However, it was all worth it in the end. The decision to create a photography venue came to us in much the same way as the house- through the desire for something new and an open mind. A friend connected us with a photographer who was looking for a space to take pictures. We opened our property up to her and found that we really enjoyed the whole creative process. We loved discussing backdrop ideas and seeing the finished photos that she captured. As creative people, we were thrilled to feel like part of the whole process. And so The Vine was born and we couldn’t be happier!



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